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The second installing of stories by Amy Chu. . Anthology of short stories taking place in New York. Retail US$3.99 Your price $2. Flat rate domestic shipping $2, so feel free to order more!

Printed in the U.S.A.

2nd Printing

Girls Night Out - Jackie is determined to help her dementia patient Rosie enjoy her birthday and ropes her coworker Tito into her plan.
Saving Abby - D. encounters more obstacles in getting Abby back home.
Bob to the Rescue! - Hurricane Sandy disrupts Bob's plans for a major campaign to Azeroth.
Serving Up Wall Street - The food truck craze hits a new level.

Rating: T+
Format: 36 pages, color, digest size

Writer: Amy Chu

Brian Shearer
Craig Yeung
Gannon Beck
Juri H C
Louie Chin
Rachelle Rosenberg
Sean Chen
Silvio dB
Tom Chu
Cover: Silvio dB and Cabbral
Editor: Nicole Boose
Letterer: Amy Chu

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